How To Find Bitcoin ATM Locations Near Me

Bitcoin ATM Locations

How To Find Bitcoin ATM Locations Near Me

Since the beginning of 2020, cryptocurrencies have experienced a few extensive weeks with highs in the month of February. The bullish segments are experiencing more attraction towards the crypto world. There are several ways to get started with Bitcoins, but the most prominent and easiest one is finding the Bitcoin ATM locations that support crypto coins purchase with the local currency.

In this article, we shall learn that Bitcoin ATMs are the easiest way to get crypto coins, how Bitcoin ATMs work, how to find the Bitcoin ATM locations near me, features of bitcoin ATMs, and more. 

Bitcoin ATM- The Easiest Way to Get Crypto Coins

Bitcoin ATMs are the best way to step into the world of Bitcoins and other cryptos because they do not require any special skill or expertise and can be used without any complicated access processes. However, it does not work similarly to the regular bank ATMs. In most cases, all you require are a crypto wallet on a smartphone, and a wallet handy with cash and credit cards. Even the latter is not always necessary.

For withdrawing the cryptocurrency from a Bitcoin ATM, you need to figure out the amount preferred for buying a crypto address (for this the machine scans the QR code on the receiving screen of your mobile wallet), then insert the bank notes that will be converted into digital money. After the completion of the process, you can take the receipt of the transaction and, in case, you do not have a digital wallet made for you, the machine can generate a wallet for you. 

Mostly Bitcoin ATMs do not generate cash in exchange for Bitcoins, but some might work two ways and allow you to sell your crypto for cash. How does it work? First, you need to request the amount you desire to withdraw, a ticket gets printed with the QR code of a public address to send the coins to. It is necessary to do it within a certain timeframe otherwise, the transactions become invalid. Scan the code from your mobile wallet and transfer the crypto coins. 

How do the Bitcoin ATMs work?

Despite the name Bitcoin ATM, this does not work like any regular Bank ATM. The traditional ATMs allow the users to withdraw cash, deposit cash and checks, or transfer the money between the accounts in the same bank. 

Bitcoin is connected with the Internet, like any traditional ATM. However, in contrast to the traditional ATMs, these Bitcoin ATMs accept hard and local fiat, like dollars, from the users, and in return, it gives them bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. 

The cryptocurrency is delivered into the users’ crypto wallet which can be identified by scanning a quick QR code into the machine. Mostly, ATMs offer a real-time exchange rate, but they also charge a transactional fee. This transactional fee depends upon the value of the transaction and the supplier. 

It is important to note that the dollar to crypto value changes every minute. Thus, the rate offered by the machine carries a great impact on the transaction fees themselves. Therefore, investors using Bitcoin ATMs on a regular basis for turning their cash into crypto must have a closer look at the exchange rates. Different ATM providers offer different exchange rates, in addition to the convenience fees charged- as they might be a little higher than what you are aware of.

Features of Bitcoin ATMs

Instant Verification

The automated and streamlined Bitcoin ATM ensures that the transaction is smooth and quick. With the use of a quick verification code sent in the registered mobile number, the verification process is only a matter of seconds. This quick verification enables the individual to quickly buy or sell cryptos.

Transaction Speed

As the verification process is highly smooth, the process for the entire transaction becomes quick. After processing, you do not have to wait for hours or days like in the case of crypto exchange cases. 


The software employed is ensured to keep every transaction details and personal data to be encrypted and secured. 

Bitcoin Offered

Every Bitcoin ATM has their respective supplier, thus, the kind of cryptos does the ATM support varies. Also, some ATMs might only offer crypto coins in exchange for the local fiat, whereas, some offer both buying and selling of Bitcoins. The best way to learn about each Bitcoin ATM is to visit their respective website and explore what kinds of bitcoins they support.


The Bitcoin ATM is convenient and easy to use for beginners as this does not require any special skill or expertise to run a transaction. Enjoy the most convenient way of buying and selling your Bitcoins. 

How to Find Bitcoins ATM Locations near me?

The easiest way to find a Bitcoin ATM near you or anywhere in the world is by tracking them on the website. There are several reliable and trustworthy websites online that can share information on Bitcoins ATMs with you. The searches on such websites have excellent features to narrow down the search by their respective supported cryptocurrencies, availability sell-buy options in the same ATM, and focus on a particular location (city, state, region, country, etc.). 

Some websites do not show a list of Bitcoin ATM locations, instead, they show an interactive map. Even these maps have features of allowing the users to select from the wide range of cryptocurrencies available for locating the right Bitcoin ATM. Use the page to search ATMs by address, or you may allow the tracker in the website to use your current location and find the Bitcoin ATM near you. 

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