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What is InstaBitATM?

More than your average Bitcoin ATM company, InstaBitATM works directly with our business partners to maximize the revenue that will be generated from our new Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs). We don’t just maintain, service, and process BTMs, we utilize a combination of marketing, branding, financial institution partnering, couponing and advertising to give your business additional monthly cash flow.

Whether you already have an ATM/BTM or are looking for a new machine, or a better business partner, contact us today to learn more about how we can implement a winning BTM strategy for your business.

How does it work?

InstaBitATM educates our partners and provides free BTM business consultation and free BTM installation. We then market and advertise the BTM to maximize on-line exposure and drive new customers to your business.

  • On-line advertising
  • Signage tailored to your store and business
  • In-store signage
  • Custom or branded BTM wraps and skins

About InstaBitATM

We own and operate BTMs Nationwide. Gas stations, convenient stores, markets, liquor stores, smoke shops, hotels and more… We operate our BTMs at your locations so you can focus on your business while enjoying an additional revenue stream with zero hassle to you, guaranteed.

We fully monitor and service the machine and all customer activity. 24/7 live customer support means you and your employees never have to worry about maintenance or supporting customers. We’ve created strategic relationships with nationwide armored carrier and first-line maintenance services to ensure the highest possible uptime on our machines to keep our customers, and partners like you, happy.

Contact us today to find our more about placement opportunities. Call or text us at (858) 866-9880 or send and email to info@instabitatm.com.